10 Rules To Choose A Domain Name | Grab Content

10 Rules To Choose A Domain Name | Grab Content

Do wish to register a domain name? Selection often involves some thought, what extension should you choose? Is it acceptable to include a hyphen in the name or not? Before clicking the button to order you domain name, here, we provide you with the keys to help you choose the best domain name suited to your needs.moz

Here is my list :-

# Easy to understand and write

Will everyone know how to write or type your domain name? The best way to find out is to perform something called the “radio test”. This test consists of asking those close to you to listen to you as you say your website’s address and then have them write down what they heard. By doing this test, you may find that it is sometimes difficult to combine originality and simplicity.

# Size does matter [Lol]

Concerning domain names, smaller is better 🙂

It is nearly impossible to register a domain name that is less than five characters long because nearly all these types of short names have already been registered. Many opportunities still exist including turning to new extensions. Recently launched, these new extensions still have reserves of short domain names available.

# Keywords Spamming not Allowed

Although it is recommended not to abuse them, keywords are interesting from an SEO perspective. They also guide users within the different pages of your site.

# Know your market

To think about your country is good, but to consider your market and customers is a better.

# Avoid numbers and hyphens

In direct reference to our first point, including numbers and hyphens in your domain name can prove confusing when conducting the radio test, not to mention that Google penalizes domains that include too many hyphens.

Visitors may be skeptical of a site that includes a hyphen in its domain name as this could be a tactic used by bad guys to trick people into visiting an illegitimate site.

With the only difference being a hyphen to distinguish a legitimate domain name from an imposter it is easy to see why people are weary.

# Extension Should be Relevant

There exists an extension for each country and these extensions are vital for having a local reference.

In France, the .fr is the preferred extension, in Germany it is .de. Though extensions do not yet exist for fictional places such as Modor, this could change with a petition.

# Security is your Asset

The more your product or brand is known, the more susceptible it is to be targeted by “cybersquatters”. We suggest that you register your domain name under several variations (with and without a hyphen) as well as registering IDNs versions (Internationalized Domain Names use characters with accents or non-Latin characters like  those use in Cyrillic or Arabic, Chinese… languages).

To be even more vigilant, protect against dot squatting by registering your name without the dot between the www and your domain name.

# See the future

It is important to consider mid to long-term development. If you are not currently present in Belgium and you have not protected your .be domain name, there is the risk, that on the day you want to enter the Belgian market, of finding your domain name already registered by a third party and naturally it will be for sale at a very high price.

# Be Aware of Biggie Brands

Remember that if your domain is identical to that of a registered brand name, you could be held liable for brand infringement.

It is best to do some research before registering a domain!

# Do not overlook translations

What makes sense in your language may have a completely different meaning if used in another country. A good example is when Ford released a car model called the Pinto. The car’s ad campaign carried with it the slogan, “put a Pinto under your tree”.  In Portugal, this slogan was interpreted completely different as the term ‘pinto’ has a shockingly different meaning in Portuguese.

# Conclusion

Go & Grab a good domain now !

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