11 Content Writing Tips to Write Your Posts Like a PRO

11 Content Writing Tips

With almost the entire world writing about something or the other, it has become difficult to create a name for oneself in the world of content writing and if you are an expert than you can give content writing tips.

While, there are people who will give you enough tips and tricks to penning down good quality content, however, only some of the tips will work.

To be frank, there are no particular ways of writing good content. But, you can always follow some tips that will enhance your writing style, which will definitely improve the quality of your logs and articles.

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1.) Keep the sentences short and crisp

11 Content Writing Tips

I have always found writers losing their thought process along the way when they are writing a sentence. You will always need to remember that when you are writing a sentence, you will need to hold your thought process till the end of the sentence.

A sentence should consist of a noun, verb and an object. Finish your sentences right there rather than stretching them like a bungee cord.

I am asking you make the sentences so short that turn sound completely abrupt. However, they need to just of the right length. In case you want to write a long sentence then punctuating it the right places will be best.

2.) Do proper research for content writing tips

11 Content Writing Tips

Not everybody knows about everything in this world. So it is better to understand the topic first to write good quality content. First things first, thoroughly research about the topic in hand. Read couple of articles or blogs and observe the writing style.

Also, you will need to know more about the topic especially if it’s something that you are totally unaware of. Apart from this, you will also need to ensure that when you refer to different websites, you only take a basic idea about the topic rather than copying the same writing style.

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3.) Don’t use unnecessary words

11 Content Writing Tips

Using jargons and complex words will not make your content rich or worth reading. The complex your sentences and words are, the more people will get confused while reading it.

Personally, I will not like to refer to a dictionary every now and then while reading something. Grasping the reader’s attention should be your aim.

Use of unnecessary words and jargons will make your content difficult to understand, which will eventually take away the attention of the reader from your articles and blogs.

4.) Be aware of repetitive words


11 Content Writing Tips

Well, we all a favorite set words that we continuously use in different sentences and paragraphs. However, repeating couple of words again and again will make your content very loose.

You will need to find different synonyms for the words that you normally use. Even the use of conjunctions and articles should not be used repeatedly.

If you really want your sentences to make sense then make short and simple ones rather than extending one sentence by conjunctions.

5.) Use correct synonyms

11 Content Writing Tips

I feel that when writers use different synonyms they do not check the meaning as per the context of the sentence. For example, the word “better” has different meanings according to the way it is used in the sentence.

When it is being used as an adverb, it means effectively or usefully. Whereas, when it is used as an adjective, it means satisfactory or advantageous.

Therefore, the use of its synonym will also change as per the context and structure of the sentence.

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6.) Check the length of the paragraph

11 Content Writing Tips

Frequently changing paragraphs gives mores depth into your articles and blogs. This also keeps the reader engrossed as he/she knows that the thought process is going to change in the next paragraph.

Short paragraphs are best as longer ones will lose meaning by the time you finish it. Also, the readers will lose the thought process by the time he/she reaches the end of the paragraph.

Along with this, you will also need to remember that your paragraphs need to present only one idea. Multiple ideas will confuse the reader.

7.) Don’t over write the same stuff

11 Content Writing Tips

The idea of article or blog writing is introducing something new in each and every sentence. Therefore, if you take around more than 30 words convey a particular thought then there will be overwriting.

The reader can easily understand in simple terms what exactly you are trying to say, therefore there is no need to keeping on writing the same fact again and again.

8.) Be specific

11 Content Writing Tips

Our brain is a world of thoughts and believe me, when I say this that some of these thoughts can actually confuse you while writing. Being specific in your blogs and articles is the only way of achieving and providing best content writing tips.

If you keep on rambling here and there without getting directly to the point, you will only distract the reader more.

9.) Use proper grammar

11 Content Writing Tips

If your grammar is not good, then you cannot become a writer. I know it sounds pretty harsh, however, believe me, grammatical mistakes in a blog and article writing is a crime.

When you make grammatical mistakes, you are actually murdering your content. If some sentence is not sounding correct grammatically then omit that sentence and make a fresh one.

Always remember that without the usage of proper grammar you will not be able to write good quality content. Reading is one of the best ways of improving your grammar. While reading, observe the sentence construction and usage of punctuations.

10.) Engaging introduction and summarized ending

11 Content Writing Tips

The introductory paragraph should propel the reader to go further. Therefore, you will need to make it as engaging as possible. You can use quotes, examples or even make the content comic and witty.

The introductory paragraph should convey the overall idea about the article without revealing the entire context. Apart from this, you will need to make sure that you ending paragraph should summarize the entire article in 3-4 sentences.

This will actually imbibe the facts presented in the article in the mind of the reader.

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11.) Always spell check and proofread

11 Content Writing Tips

Spelling mistakes and missing words is a big nuisance when it comes to blogs and articles. These things actually suck the fun out of reading.

The best tip I can offer here is to proof read your articles before presenting them to the readers. While proofreading, always ensure that you do it as an editor.

Omit, rewrite and change anything that you feel is out of place. If you do not know the spelling of any of words, then check them on Google and then add them to your article or blog or you can use Grammarly which is best online grammar checker tool.
Writing content like a pro will require you to increase your vocabulary along with getting an individual writing style. Following the above mentioned tips will ensure better content and applause from the readers and After writing good content you will be able to give content writing tips to your followers.

Happy writing!

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