my name is Rahul sihmar a 20-year guy from India , and I’m the owner and founder of this website.

Right, now I’m pursuing bachelor of arts(B.A) but, it’s only for knowledge.

I’m a blogger, writer, internet marketer and a day dreamer.

This blog was started to solve the problems of content marketers.

 my mission behind this blog

  • To find the hidden potential in you to become a blogger.
  • To help the newbies like me to start a blog.
  • To make content marketing better.


  • marketing strategy development
  • inbound marketing
  • content management
  • content curation
  • content promotion
  • SEO

my early life

I’m from a small city known as Rohtak in Haryana.

I will tell you about my studies in a different manner.

1 st grade in Hyderabad

2 nd grade in Rohtak

3rd grade in  Jammu and Kashmir

4 th and 5 Th grade again in Rohtak

6th, 7th and 8th grade in suratgarh

9 th and 10 th grade again in Rohtak

11 th and 12 th grade in Bikaner

All this happen because of my dad. he is in the army.

let’s move on

like all other Indian students I love to play cricket.


  • scrolling internet
  • reading books
  • learning new things
  •  blogging

why blogging?

I love writing articles and meeting new peoples.

why this niche?

I found content marketing the best niche and relevant with my thinking.