Adcash Review- One of the Best Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers

Almost everyone who owns a website or runs a blog searches for various monetization techniques to earn money out of it. Third party ads are the best way to monetize and a proven technique to earn money out of your blogs or websites. It has been long standing since many years and people earn millions out of it. Adcash is an ad network that makes this possible for bloggers as well as advertisers. It acts as a mediator between both of them to provide a seamless advertising experience to the users.

Adcash Review


An Introduction to Adcash

Adcash started its business in the year 2007 and in just a decade its reach has widened up to 200 million people. The service is loved by both, advertisers as well as publishers. The company operates in more than 196 different countries from where its 150k strong publisher network belongs. Many global companies trust Adcash to serve ads through its huge network. More than 3500 ad campaigns actively run on Adcash by its advertisers.

Top Benefits of Adcash for Advertisers

Advertisers are at a lot of advantage when they use Adcash. There are several benefits that make their experience better and take their business to new levels. Since there are so many publishers in Adcash’s ad network, advertisers will definitely benefit from it.

Adcash Review


Simple to use

Ease of use is one of the major factors why advertisers love using Adcash. Getting started is quite simple and you can easily begin with your first campaign in a matter of seconds. The user interface is sleek and easy to understand, you can easily get things done even if you have never used it. In case you face any trouble, the support staff will take care of your queries.

Wider reach on desktop, mobile and other devices

Since Adcash provides different ad formats that includes desktops, mobiles and probably every other digital device. This will surely ensure a wider reach for the advertisers and their brands. You have the ability to choose the particular ad format through the dashboard.

Hyper granular targeting abilities

Targeting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to advertising. With Adcash, you get granular targeting abilities which will find the right people that might be interested in your ads and show them. This also leads to high CTR and eventually better conversions for your business.

Adcash Review

Highly advanced optimization

Advertisements must be optimized to suit your needs and target audience. Adcash offers you all the tools that you will need to perfectly optimize your advertisements before publishing it. You can use various techniques in combination to perfectly optimize your ads.

Low budgets

Many ad networks ask you to spend at least $1000 to begin within your first campaign. However, Adcash lets you start a campaign just for $100 and then you can increase it as you feel right. Thus, even if you have a low budget, you can launch an ad campaign with Adcash. This is among the best benefits that advertisers have.

Real time reporting

Statistics play a huge role in advertising and you can easily see the real time stats of your current campaigns. You can view the real time reports in your dashboard and tweak your campaigns as per your liking. If you want, you can also get the whole report mailed to your email id.


Advertisers have the option to make the payments in any mode of their choice including popular options such as credit cards and PayPal. The payment gateways are fully secure and you can be assured that the transaction will be carried out securely.

Top Benefits of Adcash for Publishers

Publishers need to earn money from their website or blogs and Adcash provides them with a brilliant opportunity and a platform to do so. Publishers have full control and freedom over the display of the ads and this is why so many bloggers just love using Adcash. Let’s see some of the core benefits of the ad network.

Adcash Review



The multipurpose dashboard will help you interact with all the tools that are available in Adcash. It will also help you in managing and tracking various tasks related to Adcash. The dashboard is filled with various settings and optimization techniques that you can use to provide a better experience for your users.

Multilingual website

Since the services of Adcash are used by people all over the world, only English cannot cater to all of them. Thus, Adcash provides its website in 8 different languages including Chinese, French, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Adcash Review


All your reports and statistics are shown in an organized way under the reports feature. You can track real time performance of your ads and optimize it as per your liking. If you want a copy of the report mailed to you, you can also get that instantly with just a click of a button.


No matter what problem you are facing, you can get it resolved by contacting the helpful support staff of Adcash. The company is quite well known for its excellent support as it dedicates an individual for each publisher and advertiser.


The publisher can receive the money once it reaches a minimum threshold of 100 Euros. After every 30 days, they release the collective payments of the month which is known as the NET-30 scheme. You can receive the money through WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and PayPal.

Final Words

As you can see, Adcash comes with hordes of benefits for both, advertisers as well as publishers. Advertisers have a huge network of 150k publishers to advertise their brands and receive numerous benefits that other ad networks fail to provide. On the other hand, publishers benefit from the money they get, excellent support and real time reports. These are the various benefits for advertisers and publishers that Adcash provides. If you are either of them, this might be a great time to join Adcash and begin your journey.

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