adtech 2016 : An awesome experience


Adtech 2016 New Delhi

such an awesome experience for me in ad tech.

adtech is one of the world’s biggest platform to educate the digital marketers, media buyers, publishers about the upcoming new technologies.Visiting Asia’s largest mall (ambience)  in Gurgaon is itself

visiting Asia’s biggest mall (ambience)  in Gurgaon was itself a remarkable experience because I went their first time.

On the first day of the event, it’s like I’m on a different planet with aliens.

coz it’s my first event.


it is my pic with adtech introduction board.

On the first day of adtech, I survived from a little heart attack.

How ?

{meet with India’s number one blogger harsh agarwal}


Here are some more pictures with other influencers


with Jitendra vasvani from bloggers ideas


he is the main reason behind my first event…………. Jessee R


with brand ambassador of Payoneer india…….chitraprana Sinha


with the team of ad combo

Being an internet marketer I learned a lot from my first event.

Here is the list of few points that I learned from this awesome event.

  • If you want to be an entrepreneur, then please don’t forget to take your business card with you when you are going to an event.
  • Don’t be shy.
  • Be shameless.
  • express your ideas as much as you can.
  • Money is raining on the internet. it’s up to you how much you want to earn(best thing I learned from the event)
  • if you are a newbie, then promote yourself with the help of veteran bloggers.
  • I didn’t attend any lecture but I think it is totally waste of time because it can’t help you network yourself.
  • it was a joyful event for me.


Learning from experts is the positive sign that can build your online presence.

After meeting many successful internet marketers I learned many new things.


As I’m a new marketer but still I got sufficient business from adtech

About business

They I think you all are interested in what I got from adtech from the business point of view.

okay !!

I will tell you.

  • Got a short contract from CEO of witty feed (Vinay Singhal)
  • A short little talk with my favorite affiliate marketer Siddharth bagga ( business talk).
  • Got content creation contract from a company of health sector.
  • My video interview offers were accepted by 3 big companies including witty feed.
  • Got 3 paid reveiw offers.
  • talked with 32 companies.

but still…….want more deals

NOTE: only because of adtech event Alexa rank of my blog is increasing.


Should you attend this event in future

100% yes.

This type of events reveals some of the hidden sauce which you don’t find on blogs because experts are not pretty much active on social platforms.

By attending such events you would come to know about yourself that which process you are following and from which process experts are making money.

If in future you will get a chance to attend a big event like adtech then grab it with both hands.

learning directly from experts (who has practically implemented all those things) was such a mind-boggling experience for me.

over to you

If you have any questions regarding adtech then feel free to ask me in the comment box.

i would love to answer.

NOTE: special thanks to Jesse R for sending me the invitation of the event.

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