The complete beginners guide to find blog post ideas



Are you struggling to come up with a new blog post ideas?

Are you looking ways to generate content for your blog?

It is a secret that content marketing is the biggest reason behind our growth.

When you visit a forum or ask a question to a newbie.

Q: what you want?

He/she will answer “ideas for next blog post.”

Not only newbies but even veteran blogger are also facing this problem.

In my starting days, I also experienced it.

It is a common problem today which always grab the attention of bloggers.

We use an organized system( our tricks and tactics) to generate far more ideas than we have time to write about.

if you are searching for  “how to find blog post ideas.” or “ideas for a blog post” on the web then no more need to do that.

because I’m going to, tell you about “how to find hundreds of ideas for you next blog post”.

This article is especially for those newbies who are facing the shortage of ideas.

After reading this article, you will be able to find converting blog post ideas for you next article.

Let’s start it.

# read as more as you can



whatever we write on our blog posts is all because we are reading or learning about a particular topic.

Reading great books and good blogs help us in taking our business to next level.

“Reading inspires a lot.”

All influencers read daily, even the favorite posts which we read on other blogs are not original.

“they are re-researched part of the original article.”

If you learn something new every day, you’ll never run out of the ideas to write.

You can read the newspaper, magazine, blogs, reports, etc.

Note: you can use the table of content of any book as your blog post.

So, start reading today

# Take notes

Start taking notes for everything you saw on the web.

Every person has a unique method for grasping notes, some write it on Evernote, others on a simple google doc and most of the online marketers write notes on paper.

I use Evernote for taking notes.


It helps us from the different perspective of a blog idea and sometimes changes the vision completely.

Do this each and every time even when you are not in a mood of writing article.

 # Steal idea from competitor

It is an essential step.

You have to put your gun on shoulders of someone who is ahead of you in the race.


That’s exactly how Navid moazzez grew his personal branding blog into a good community.

What made him so successful: – learning, connecting, auditing competitor marketers.

As a marketer, you should stop feeling other marketers as you competitor and start connecting with them.

That’s how Neil Patel grow his new blog and still growing.

When you are busy in analyzing your blog’s social media outreach and other factors, your competitors are doing this too.

But, most veteran marketers advise that if you are giving 50 % of your time for analyzing your business, then you should have to give at least 20 % from it for analyzing what your competitor is doing.

# Google the great


Really !!!!


Yes, I found Google quite informative (haha) and I think it is.

Then why not call Google and get some new blog post ideas for our next blog post.

Okay okay

Let me tell you “how to ask google” for blog post ideas.

Btw, it’s very simple.

Open Google in your browser and type your keyword like:

  • how to do blogging
  • why do blogging
  • when to do blogging

After typing one word from above-listed examples, give space then


After receiving ideas from Google, there is no need to check that keyword in Google keyword planner (my strategy).

Because that long tail keyword is the hub of traffic.

# Watch Ted talks videos


What…….. Ted talks.


What is it? (Your question may be)

Ted Talk is an online video watching platform.

But when we have a platform like YouTube then, why Ted talk? (Question)

Okay, let me explain.

Suppose you want to learn about social media marketing.

Then, you will go to Jeff bullas or harsh Agarwal?

I think, you prefer Jeff bullas instead of harsh.


Jeff is an expert in that particular field.

Same if you want to learn about blogging and word press then, the expert is harsh.

So, instead of choosing youtube which is overloaded with multi niches, you have to prefer Ted talk.

Ted talks are all about life cycle of a business man

Improve your business by watching interviews with experts.

Here are some of my favorite Ted talks:

# Quora question(blog post ideas)


Quora is popular Q&A site which contains questions and answers on facts, opinion and humorous stories which are voted by members.

Quora’s content policy allows you to reuse all its new content on your site, as long as you link back to the original content at Quora.

Here how you get blog post ideas on Quora:

  • visit Quora
  • Type your topic in the search bar.
  • Quora will populate your text with all subjects.
  • The result page will show favorite questions and unanswered questions.
  • Answer a question on Quora(optional).
  • Write a post on that subject and also include that response (optional).

 # Copy: what works for others

I don’t mean that you steal someone’s hard work.

It’s bad.

But you can learn from them.

  • How they write (writing style)
  • What they write.
  • Favorite post

I like buzz sumo for that you just have to enter a domain name, and it will show you the most shared article on that site.


For example, if you are interested to know about content marketing.

You can type “quick sprout” into buzz sumo.

Boom!! You’ll get

(You found some interesting ideas for your next blog post)

But this is the naked truth that if A (technique) is working well for other, then it is not necessary that it will also work for you.

Still, it is the best way to make pre-schedule for your next blog posts.

# Re-wording content in a different manner

The “myth” of most marketers is that you can’t write about the content that is already present on your blog.

After publishing a post, you will never try to write again about the same topic.

It is not waste.

Just write about that topic after few months but with a new vision.

Repeating the same content is wasteful.

Every single person has different mindset and choice.

Few would love to read about your “SEO guide” but other loves list posts.

Best technique: take out few lines or words from your other posts and make it a new post.

# Post something different

Yes, you can do that

I’m not telling you to post pictures of aliens.(haha)

Just make a simple post in which you can show your creativity.


There are some examples:-

  • A post full of pictures
  • A post full of info graphics
  • Comparison between two posts on your blog
  • Try a song related to your post
  • Try your own pictures

Final words

I look these places when I have nothing to write and i think you will defentely get lot of blog ideas from these sources.

I would love to hear from you that which trick/technique you guys use to get ideas for your blog post.

Please share your views and don’t forget to share this post if you found something new.

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