ContentMart Review : The best Place To hire quality content writers

ContentMart Review

Many times in a day i feel like i have to write on this buzzing topic on my blog but don’t have that much energy that i can write and i’m sure many of you feel the same but now you don’t have to take tension because i have a good solution for you.

I know it’s quite difficult to manage all these as an solopreneur with not team.How great it would be If we can outsource some writing work to a quality content providing platform like Content mart.

Many Bloggers runs more than 2-3 blogs and it’s to hectic to manage content for all these blogs as same my story I have more than 10 blogs in different niches and I Always look for Content writers for my blogs.

But now i think that My search is over now because I found Content Mart.

if you are really serious about your digital marketing & blogging career than you need to churn-out quality content in quick time. This is where Content Mart helps You.

ContentMart Review

What is ContentMart & How it can help you

Content mart is india’s best place from where you can hire good & qualified content writers for any writing job and it’s not limited to Content writers only. You can also hire people for writing content  for your sales page , service page or anything related to content writing.

ContentMart Review

Getting started with Content Mart is pretty easy and it’s easy to join as freelance Content Writer and Client. It’s free to join and You Can easily start working with ContentMart.

ContentMart Review

I just posted an order to see how it works and I found that the process is very easy. You Can easily place order and get your work done within the time limit.

ContentMart Review

ContentMart Review

Once you have done you can Click on publish & Your job is done after that you have you have to wait for few before the writers starts bidding on your project and the best thing about ContentMart is that you will get Writers within your Price Tag or Freelance writer can also define their bidding and you can accept it.

It’s an awesome feature of the content platform that they not only serve English content industry but you can get Content for Various Regional languages including hindi.

ContentMart Review

If you thought that you need to serve more people in our national language Hindi than it will very easy to convert your blog/site in Hindi by Using ContentMart Services.

When you place any order with 24 hour you will receive 2-3 minimum Bids on your Project and you can also see few more important information such as :-

  • Profile of Bidder
  • Reviews of the bidder that they receive from their past orders
  •  You can also chat with bidder and explain him About your project.
  • Once You Decided that you want to give this project  to XYZ Freelancer than you just have to award the project to that freelancer.

ContentMart Review

if you are starting with ContentMart for the first than you need to fill the payment to start the work. Click on that Blue Button & in the next Screen you will see the option to fill the payments.

ContentMart Review

ContentMart Review : Payment Option

There are many options to pay such as :-

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • NEFT
  • MobiKwick
  • HDFC PayZapp
  • Mobile Wallet

And I think they are covering each payment Option Which they need to do.

So, It will easy to use system and I guess Paytm Cash Wallet is coming soon in their list.

Once you have done the payment after that you need to go back to the main page from payment page and award the Freelancer.


ContentMart is a great platform to hire Talented Content Writers and as a writer you can also use it to get Creative and quality content writing work.

Do Share your View About this awesome content providing platform and do try this platform to get your writing work done and help other freelancer survive in the market.

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  • Cons :
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