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email marketing guide

Email marketing is a process of connecting with peoples through an online data sending-receiving system (emails).

In easy words you can say, the company uses emails to fulfill every need of their users and to update them.

In today’s online world size of your list is a presentation of your approach and reader converting capability.

Almost every big company takes their email list as the most significant marketing source.

Your email marketing success is the mirror image of your efforts made on SEO, content creation, social media battle and word of mouth.

Let me start with basic  J

Why we send an email to our list?

  • To update them with your new article (hmmm….yes)
  • To sell ads (naaah)
  • To make brand awareness (might be)
  • To make them loyal visitors (yes……yes…..yes)
  • To show them offers of affiliate marketing (hahaha)
  • To sell our product (in future)
  • Requesting them for donation (literally)

Their many reasons of sending an email but the best and most important reason is “to connect with people of same industry”.

Wait; it ’s not over.

{One more question}

Q: -Why anyone subscribers your newsletter for your update?

For me, it’s more than trust.

Many online gurus are saying that people believe you that’s why they give you their email.

But, I think it is 50% accurate.


Let me show you …..(How)

They give you their email because they like your content. (50 %)

Let’s divide it in two cases.

Case 1: – you are sending emails of your new articles to your list. But you send them affiliate offers occasionally.

Case 2: – you are sending emails of your new article to your list but along with that you are also sending them affiliate offers (every week).

What do you think which one is better?

In my opinion, the first case is interesting.


{Remaining 50% trust of your readers}

They will trust you. If you send them occasionally offers or when it is a must.

If you are sending them weekly offers, then it is like you are spamming them.

“Save every drop of water = stop every single reader to leave your blog” (marketers mind)

So, please handle all users as your family member.

P.S:-  {If you think 2nd case is best then tell me “how” in comment box}

Few facts of email marketing as per HubSpot

email marketing guide

  • Mobile email is at its lowest on Monday.
  • Desktop email usage is at its lowest on Sunday.
  • Webmail usage is at its lowest on Wednesday.
  • Email open on the mobile device has increased as compared to previous six months.
  • Email from finance and shopping industry has a high open rate as compared to others.
  • The social networking industry is leading to mobile email views.

“your email marketing campaign is the best approach to educate your contacts”

Are you getting bored?

(I think you are enjoying it) right

Okay, let me tell you which issues I’m going to cover in this post

  • Why email marketing is so popular
  • Which is best Gmail, yahoo or outlook
  • How to capture e-mail
  • Want email (but how)
  • Tools for email marketing (guide)

I think these topics are sufficient to make it a guide (hahaha)

Okay, let’s dive in

# Why email marketing is so popular

Is email marketing still popular?

I mean a cheap messaging service that started back in 1996 is still adequate (email).

Before beginning, I want to give you a straight look at “what is email.”

Okay, go on

You probably heard that word “old is gold.”

Emails are the oldest way to connect the world. (Right)

Here are few more qualities of emails which will tell you how effective they are:-

  • The easiest way to communicate worldwide.
  • You can send text, files, images, documents, etc.
  • Much cheaper than any other source.
  • The trust factor is high.
  • Effectual for businesses. If, done right
  • Email connects both sender and receiver personally.

I think you got a practical idea about emails after those points.

Marketers give the word email marketing.

The meaning of email marketing is to gain profit in business with the help of emails.

Write an awesome email for your readers and do marketing properly.

That’s all you need to increase sales.

Thus, email marketing is popular from 1996 when Yahoo launched world’s first cheapest email service Hotmail.

All factors which I described email are also applicable here for email marketing.

Apart from that we can use other marketing strategies such as:-

  • Direct email

When you send a pointed email to your list about any update on your website.


email marketing guide

  • Retention email

This type of email includes call-to-action, or you can say your email have an option which shows a form, survey, affiliate link, etc.


email marketing guide

  • Advertise on another email

It means you have to pay someone to include your ad on their email which they send to their list.


email marketing guide

# Which is best Gmail, yahoo or outlook


I’m not going to write difference between all this email providing service

here is a complete guide was written by Mahesh Mohan

you might be asking me that you are

# How to capture email

  • E-book

email marketing guide

An e-book can be a great lead magnet or a destructive offer (both are possible).

As people say an e-book can include you in a relatively complex issue in which a checklist and other posts can’t

Offer a quick e-book with a reliable call-to-action option.


Provide an email marketing guide like this to take instant action.

When they work well:

  1. When an e-book is designed correctly.
  2. Focused on a particular topic and written by multiple authors.
  3. Writing style is the must.

When they don’t work well:

  1. Focused on increasing the length and ignoring quality content.
  2. Written by one author.
  3. Mixed-Up information
  • Free course

email marketing guide

Most marketers prefer free course as a giveaway because they are the best method to generate lead not just because they give you subscribers but giving free course is a useful step to make a strong bond with the audience.

If you have an enormous readership on your blog, then peoples will follow the steps told by you in that free course.

In fact, they started considering you as a guru in a particular industry.

As per as my view I have seen the best email capturing course on the quick sprout.

The free course provides you more traffic generating tips.

And the best part of the course is that it claims “double your traffic in 30 days.”

Showing the price ($ 300) of the course is a strategy to put butter on bread (readers).

If you have two option:-

  1. To give $ 300 for a course
  2. To submit your email

I’m sure that you will choose 2nd one because it is worth giving email instead of 300 bucks.

Which cost you nothing?

  • Lists

email marketing guide

If you feel that you are an expert in a particular field, then you can show your expertise to attract lead magnets after offering them a list of your best resources.

According to Jon marrow of boost blog traffic, list posts are the easiest way to attract subscribers as compared to paragraph posts.

Here one example of it

  • Free trails

emai lmarketing guide

But what happen when you don’t have a blog for your business?

Don’t worry –you can still make an impact on the market.


If you have a product or any service to offer, then you can still capture lead magnets.

You can provide a free trail.

If your product can form a clear image of your service in trail days, then that customer will buy your service.

Here is an example:-

# wants email (but how)

everyone want emails, but most people don’t know “how to increase their email list.”



email marketing guide

They are referred to as the best source for converting ice-cold prospects into the happy customer and if you care about them a lot than they could be the gold mine for your business.

You might be thinking that pop-ups can urge your readers to hit back button, and it will increase your bounce rate.

It’s not true in fact they help you decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate.

There are many tricks to use pop-up effectively.

  • Time until pop-up display
  • Frequency
  • Ease of closing

Slide in-form

email marketing guide

If you don’t like pop-ups, then it would be the better option for you.

They take a little fraction of the screen on your blog, and they don’t disturb your readers.

According to hubspot, when they tested slide in forms.

They noticed a growth in conversion by a 27%.

Opt-in form

Whether you are creating a slide-in form or pop-up, you have to apply the same method in opt-in forms to increase your conversion.

When you are creating opt-in form you have to just three major factors:-

  • What you offer
  • You have to choose best “headline.”
  • Your “call to action.”

While creating this type of email collecting forms use some converting words like:-

  • “free stuff.”
  • “yes, I want more traffic.”
  • “send me your secret.”
  • Tell me “how to capture more subscribers.”

# tools for email marketing (guide)

If you want an email collecting template, then hire a designer or use the free template given email collecting services like Aweber or Mail Chimp, etc.

But, the most efficient form use to capture emails is pop-ups and you will have to use a special tool for this purpose.



email marketing guide

Created by Neil Patel.

Hello bar offers more features to capture emails.

Price:  the basic and free version has more features.

The pop-up this product make are more attractive and non-intrusive.


email marketing guide

Created by Syed balkhi and Thomas Griffin, it is an affordable mid-range pop-up tool.

Price: $ 4 per month

You can quickly create pop-ups using several templates available in this device, and it has one more feature called A/B testing.



email marketing guide

They are the most remunerative email collecting tools out there.

Price: $ 25 per month.

Lead pages software is very well designed and it has lot more features than any tool available in the market.

They help you creating a high-converting landing page.

If you are working on many websites, then go and grab it


I have missed a point “best place to ask for email on your blog ”

because i’m going to cover those points in my next with a wide range of examples.

Which techniques are you using right know for capturing emails?

Are those converting for you?

If yes….I would love to hear about your experience.

P.S: it is the first part of email marketing guide series…..lots more are coming soon



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