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Who doesn’t love new stuff? Whether it is a lifestyle, gossip or latest fashion trends.

Yes, peoples are having FOMO (fear of missing out), but we are in the 21st century.


“FOR (fully organized research) is FUTURE.”

We all want a converting (evergreen) piece of content.

If you wish to create compelling content that will last for years, then you are at right place.

Having long-lasting content on our blog is a boon to traffic.

After all we are marketers; always find the best way to convert our content.


Every word you write is already present on the web.

Still you want to write engaging content?

I got the solution of your problem.

Yes, it’s evergreen content.

Evergreen article never loses color like a fluffy piece of cloth. Evergreen content stays relevant (helpful) forever.

Boost up!! (No)

What is evergreen content?

This type of material will hardly change with the passing of time and thus, always remain relevant, especially for beginners.

According to HubSpot, evergreen content ranks well in search engines, bring traffic to your site and generate leads.

Here are some more definitions:


Evergreen content means a piece of content written in well organize manner on a great topic.


If peoples will going read your article after ten years and still it is 70% helpful then it is called evergreen content.


Evergreen content is SEO optimize content that will always remain fresh for readers.


Evergreen content doesn’t mean that you have to create an only fascinating post; it consists of images, videos, infographics.

Kevin Lee, from buffer blog done an excellent job. He uses graphs to illustrate the impact of evergreen content.

In the image below, as shown of buffer blog, you can see the increase in traffic after publishing.

I think you are ready to move on……

Step # 1: – Keyword research

It is the major part of your article. In fact, 90% or we can say 100% of your content depends on a keyword.

If you are not focusing on keyword research before writing, then you are doing a big chaos.

It is said that “content is king.”

If “content is king” then, what are keywords

We can “keyword are queen or ace”. Anyway, say it what you want.

Keyword supports each other to form an excellent combination for an epic article.

I have selected a good keyword for this discussion.

My primary keyword is “dog kennel.”

  •  click on search for new keywords and add a group on the left side
  •  write your primary keyword
  •  select country where you want to rank your keyword
  •  click on keyword filter option and decide average monthly search

click on get ideas

Note: the competition showing here is for advertisements.

Here our word “dog kennel” has 246,000 searches per month (very high).

It is very simple to use “Google keyword planner.”

Step # 2:-

 How to guide vs. list guide

Yes, of course, some off great content may expire with time, but this type of content always put a question in the readers mind and has a longer shelf life than most posts.

“How to” reacts as a prefix for many topics.

Jon marrow from boost blog traffic says that list articles are easy to write.

List posts are the ones who go viral most, but it takes the time to create a list post.

List posts are created from scratch.

 # Answer a question

  • Ask a question? Or answer a question
  • There are many ways to ask or answer a question?
  •  Create polls on the blog
  • Offer freemium services for feedback
  • Create a call-to-action.

Here are some more ways to answer questions:

  • Google
  •  Forums
  •  Yahoo answer
  • Facebook groups

Most obviously this means creating content is helpful.

Let’s see an example.

I’m using Quora(forum) for finding the answer to my question.


now I will search the same title to find a relevant keyword in keyword planner.

we concluded that we can rank “blog” and “best blog” keyword from it.

 Case study

“Case study” = “your success story.”

A case study is better than hundreds of articles.

They are the best article to show the world how effective your products and services are.

A case study is beyond any testimonials because they show real life examples that how you help your customers in accomplishing their goal.

Here is a list of valuable things to remember before writing a case study from kiss metrics.

  • Write about something your ideal customer can relate to.
  • tell the story from scratch.
  • write it in a readable format.
  • include real numbers
  • talk specific strategies
  • try different arrangements.
  • appeal to different peoples.
  • make them easy to find.


one more example: traffic generation case studies (168 case study included)

  # People love stories

If the design is the heart of evergreen content and grammar is mind, then stories are the soul.

Just like a good movie or book, stories reveal the invisible lines of our content that connect each character together.

Before writing a single line of a story, be clear about your story (What you are going to tell).

Storytelling is an art.

Yatin khulbe from mushroom content connect marshmallows with evergreen content.

A must read article from yatin.

  Share your secret

Usually, peoples don’t share their secret; they sell them (by making a mastermind course).

There are millions of blogs out there which are full of content.

If you still starting a blog then first try some experiments on your blog and after that merge them all to form an excellent article.

Yesterday I was watching a Ted(video) of Gary Vaynerchuk. I got a secret

“Legacy is greater than currency”(it’s really a secret)

Step #3: – key source

1. The definitive guide

The evergreen content you are writing is an ultimate resource for the topic you cover. So, basically, apply few things on it.

  • Complete guide
  • Better explanation
  •  Spoke language of your readers
  •  Spend more time on research

When it comes to definitive guides, I will talk about someone like Neil Patel because he is the guy who spends thousands of dollars to create mind-boggling guides for readers.

2. Write for beginners

Write for beginners, yes

When it comes to writing compelling copy, it seems that you are writing it for an expert.

But, it is the biggest mistake you are doing.

Experts are already having a full tank of knowledge.

So, your primary focus should be on newbies.

Ramsay from blog tyrant also agrees with Kevin Lee that expert content is killing your blog.

Here are some more points:

  • Don’t use too much technical terms
  • Write your article for a 5th-grade student
  • Write step-by-step
  •  Avoid showing off your expertise on a topic

3. Narrow your topic

Explain everything in first few lines that what you are going to share in this issue to make it clear to readers.
Make a series of articles and interlink them.

For example: “how to earn money from blog” and “how to make money from affiliate marketing.”

Both, this topic will go into “money making” series and can be interlinked.Here are some points:

Here are some points:

  • The particular problem is easier for readers to stick with it.
  • Specific topics are easier to write.

Step # 4:- non-evergreen content

If you have a travel blog and writing a post “hottest hotel this season.” It might not be considered as an evergreen post.
Or you are writing something like “how to pack a bag for vacation in Bangkok.”

Yes, this type of posts can bring some traffic but for a limited period.

  # Data and statics

The study,collection, analysis, interpretation,presentation and organized data would never be remembered as an evergreen content.

Example: government conduct survey every year and they show different results each year.

  # Speculation and opinion

speculation is the practice of engaging in risky small commercial systems for small profit.

if you are suggesting something to someone, then don’t write about it.

Example: President announces retirement.

# Event specific content

if you are focusing on an event such as Christmas, then you are not writing evergreen content.

Example: 60 % off this Christmas

  Breaking news

In the blogging world, it is said that focusing on a news blog when you were a newbie is the biggest mistake.

It will only give you exposure for 4-5 days.

Example: India won the world cup.

Bonus: – long vs. short content

The longer the copy, the better it converts.

Well, this topic doesn’t need more discussion because it varies person-to-person.

In fact, in my opinion, it depends on a matter that you are writing on.

Some issues deserves extended discussion.

Let’s dip into some research:

According to a survey conducted by serpIQ has revealed that articles with more than 2k + words rank well in Google search results.

But when we saw reports of Seth Godin it tells us the difference between quality and quantity.

“so it is good to prefer quality over quantity.”


“Evergreen content “will save your time because your past effort keeps doing work for you.

Have you published evergreen content on your blog?

If yes,

Then I love to hear about your experience

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