Make Web Video review : Best Software for Animation Video Creation

Make Web Video review

Recently I started working on YouTube where i make use to make animated & white board images for my audience and When i started this thing i faced many problems like I don’t reliable video making tool.

Do you know marketing is toughest job in the world whether it’s offline or online and let me tell you that videos are one of the best way to market your product/business and it is proven that videos converts more people than a sales copy.

So, Started making videos for my educational courses and started Doing this for getting more attention for people on the same thing that I was doing.As i don’t know anything about video editing So i started looking for video editors but they are demanding $800-$1000 and it’s wasn’t Affordable for me.

I started Looking for reliable source/marketplaces where i can find good video editors and at the same time they do the work for me at cheap price and i end up finding Make Web video – A tool from which I’m making my all videos and they are converting like charm.

And After Using their Services I thought to write a Honest review About Service and product.


What is Make Web Video ?


Make Web video is online animated video production service which help various entrepreneur & small business owners by helping them creating Actionable videos for their business.

It has many awesome template which you can use and give your videos a nice look & feel and it also help you create beautiful whiteboard videos.

I made a list of those 10 points which i like about Make Web Video and I’m sure that after reading these points you will give them a try :-

  • You can Sign-up for free and make your own promo videos using there amazing template for free and you can make a professional video in just $89- $99 and you can also try basic ones at just $29.
  • You just need to pick a template and change it’s color , text and all other stuff according to your need with just a simple click , no technical skills required.
  • The best part about the service is that you don’t need to pay up-front you have to pick a template edit it and make a video. After completing your video you have pay them for downloading it.
  • It’s the affordable video services that is available in the market right now which starts from just $29 and highest price is $99.
  • You can make your videos with any Operating System [Mac, Windows & Linux]
  • You can also add your own graphics such as sound , text , video etc.
  • They also give you an option to host your videos on the same site on the same site where you made them or you can also download them.
  • If you are not Satisfied with there Services than you can Request them a Refund and They Give you 100% Money Back.
  • You also have the option to download any video in any format or Resolutions and just have to pay once for all this.
  • Simple and fast UI and you can Easily Contact them with their Contact Form.


How To create animated video

Make Web Video review

Step 1 :- Go to the main site Make Web Videos and create your free account. You can also create account using your google Account.

Step 2:- Select a template which you like and you can also hover over it to see Preview of the template.

Step 3:-¬†Click on the template it will take you to new page where you can easily see the template and watch the preview before making any video because it will give you a better idea about how it will going to work and after that just click on “Make Your video Button” which will take you to the following page :-

Make Web Video review

Step 4 :- It will be self explanatory from here , If you choose change graphics option than it will take you to the video editor , in custom music option you can add your own custom music and in the last option Produce video will complete your Video and It Will take you To the sales page where you can download the video.

Benefits of Make Web videos

Make Web Video review

Here I have listed few more benefits to work with the company and they are Mind-Boggling.

  • Easy to use UI , No technical skills Required
  • Affordable Service
  • You can edit video as many times as you want and don’t have to pay for it until you are satisfied with it.
  • Wide collection of templates which gives you many options to create more and more professional videos & promos and they are much better than the designed ones.


If you really want to grow your business to next level than videos are the only option and you can easily make professional videos with just a click from your mouse.

You business is the best thing for you and I would say that tell more and more people about your business with the help of videos which will make them feel better and connected with you.

I know only Dedicated people with give it a try and let me tell you one more thing that you need to be completely focused and dedicated to your business if you want to take it to the next level.

Here is your door for professional Animated Vidoes :- Make Web Videos

Cheap Hosting

BlueHost Review

Pros :
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Money-back Guarantee

  • Cons :
  • Limited CPU Usage
  • Customer support in Bluehost is pretty slow
  • Bluehost only has one set of DNS
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