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It is an evergreen strategy to have a blog related to your business, or we can say that it is the

best inbound marketing strategy because it is the only way to reach your audience and provide them

“quality content.”

Content marketers need to take on an editorial mindset to create quality content and also by

creating the right content for user experience.

Yes, “content is king” but these days, it is slightly changed

 “quality content is king.”

Even search engines are also moving slowly from SEO to quality content.



According to a recent report, Google is increasingly valuing “quality content” when it comes to

search rankings.

Because Google said several companies which fill their web pages with very high-density keywords and

also use techniques like latent search indexing(LSI) to make their page SEO friendly.

The overuse of these techniques was flagged as black hat SEO techniques by Google algorithms.

Some point from history

In 4200 B.C one of the signs of published content was found in cave painting.

Later, translated to ” 6 ways a spear can save you from wild boar.”

here are some more points:

  1. In 1895, John Deere launched a customer magazine.
  2. In 1900, Michelin developed a guide of 400 pages along with his brotherfor motorists in France.
  3. Jell-O(salesman) went door-to-door in 1904 for distributing theircookbook for free.
  4. In 1987 Lego launches “lego kicks magazine”.
  5. In 1993 first e-book was published by Peter James.
  6. In 1996, Bill Gates declared that “content is king.”
  7. In 2000, a new era of the internet started.
  8. In 2005, John Cleese’s video went viral(video marketing born)


This article is going to cover

  • what is “quality content.”
  • ingredients of quality content
  • what is “youtility”
  • some excellent websites which provide “quality content.”

let’s jump in to make a delicious dish

#what is quality content?

“quality content is the nephew of evergreen content.”

“quality content = 24 carat gold”

The content with high quality is a reliable guide which tells you the uniqueness and importance of a

particular topic.

Peoples aren’t going to see your branding products unless it is compelling, data-driven and


Yes, it is right that quality is subjective to you and your audience.

As, no one like copycats,

So every content marketer/creator needs to follow a particular path to create content for their

company because quality content always ranks better.

Well, I think that there are few points which you should have to try for writing a compelling copy

that converts better.

» new insight

It is an entirely natural and necessary step.

It is human nature that when we saw something new and exciting. We want to give it a try.

If you are having genuine knowledge about a particular topic and wish to say something about that

topic that no one has ever said before, then you have a golden chance to impress thousands of

peoples including influencers.

Here I got one example for you created a  $130,000,  9.4 million calorie bathroom entirely made of chocolate.


Do some research on that topic before writing because it would act as a bonus for you and I think it

a natural way to produce useful content.

Isn’t it?

» your voice



It is the most obvious point to pick.

writing with a firm tone and giving valuable opinion will help you a lot even they are contrary to

the traditional beliefs on the subject.

If your writing contains a lot of facts and figures, don’t just quote them without any comment if

people just want the facts they will choose Wikipedia instead of your blog.

Make your data and explain why these figures are relevant to your research.

Even after that, if people disagree with you don’t worry about that because it is the main

ingredient in your article which will keep your comment box buzzing.

» personal experience or case study



An excellent case study by Brian Dean from backlinko(screen shot)

If you are writing on a topic in which you have some practical experience, then share it with your


Even, if you have learned a new thing that can help your readers, just share it with them.

It is not only the way to ensure that your content is valuable, but it can also help you to form an

active connection with your readers.

In most cases, it works well with “how to” type article.

An excellent case study can help you stand separate from the crowd.

I heard about a case study in which the author received 150% hike in his blog’s traffic just from

one comment.

Yes, I’m not joking

it’s 150 % increase in traffic just from one comment

so, think about that if that person will write a case study on this incident

how much traffic, he will be going to receive from a single article ??

» Plot twist

Find an interesting twist or a quick take on a topic.

It is also known for making a radical change in expected direction.

When a plot twist happens near the end of a story, especially if it changes one’s view of preceding


Sometimes people use plot twist to describe a sudden change in their life.

In content marketing, it is used by influencers as a new weapon to attract readers.

When a marketer shows you an interesting demo/summary of a product and after that asking you to

enter your e-mail to watch/read the full version of that product.

It is called “plot twist.”

#ingredients of quality content



in starting days of blogging when I don’t know anything about blogging.

I always think like that internet is flooded with billions of articles (each topic contains hundreds

of articles)

How is it possible to cook unique content?

But, soon I got an answer in this form

there are many billionaires in the world, but still individuals are becoming a billionaire.

Exactly everyone is producing unique content, and that’s what makes them unique.

Here are some realistic ideas

» evergreen content



The term evergreen sounds familiar even to non-marketing ears because evergreen trees are often used

to decorate homes for Christmas.

One of my best friends told me few months back that every article present on the internet is

evergreen because they don’t ever disappear.

His thinking was not wrong, but we can’t define evergreen content like this.

Evergreen content is that type of material which converts better for you and which converts forever.

Here is a list of some specific topics which cannot consider as evergreen:

  • News articles
  • static or analytical reports
  • article about a particular holiday season
  • an article focusing on current trends
  • latest fashion and clothing trends

here are some examples of evergreen producer websites:


» excellent research

As the word(research) defines itself is a discovery of many crucial elements which helps you in

building the base of your business.

Well, researched blog post can differentiate your content from your competitors.

Few days before a saw a beautiful sentence on a blog about research.

“synthesize, analyze, integrate information resources and prior knowledge”

I think this sentence is a complete package to define research.

Oil Gardner makes a good case for using social media research for your blog post. He suggests ten social media research strategy.

  • StumbleUpon
  • infographics
  • twitter real-time searches
  • facebook events
  • facebook who are using LinkedIn
  • uncovering quotes
  • letting users tell you within the comment section of your blog
  • creating a roundup mega-lists with StumbleUpon
  • apps on Facebook
  • google marketplace
  • youtube and the urban dictionary

these strategies are proven strategies.

Here are few more points that can make your research complete:

  • choose something you love
  • ask yourself important questions
  • stay original
  • get advice
  • look for empirical studies (my favorite)
  • use library
  • use academic database

» analyze your competition

It is also an integral part of the research.

According to Stephen Phillips (market research expert), businesses needs more time watching their

backs and looking at what their competitors are up to.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is an important part of running a successful business, but

it’s an area that many small companies ignores.

what’s app came in the business even when Facebook is doing an excellent job.


they are analyzing demand of the public.

» unique techniques


That’s the word come from people’s throttle when they saw a compelling copy that is ready to make


An article which will be going to rule a particular topic forever.

When it comes to unique techniques, I will definitely talk about someone like Iftikhar Ahmad from


he introduced a new article name as sweet steal technique: guide to boost your blog traffic.

It is quite famous now.

Always remember two rules

  1. you will get what you pay for
  2. If you don’t have anything useful to say, then don’t say it at all.

» Headlines

Really !!

Yes, headlines are the 2nd soul of your article.

Brian Clark of copy blogger once said that 80 % of people will read your headline(if they found it

weird immediately they leave).

Here are some screenshots

Joost de Walk offers some excellent

suggestions regarding blog heading.

He writes the heading structure of your pages is one of the vital aspects of on-page SEO.

It defines that how your content is valuable and are they interconnected.

He offers five basic rules about heading structure

  • the most important heading on the page should be H1
  • there is usually one H1 on any page
  • Sub-Headings should be H2S, H3s, etc.
  • Each headline should contain a valuable keyword
  • for longer pieces of content, a headline is what helps a reader skip to the part thathe/she find attractive

» thinking of Google


Here I want to focus on what Google thinks about you(I mean your blog).

After following few good tactics, you will be able to match google’s guideline for writing an


  • Google-like text
  • Google like formatting
  • Google like the freshness
  • Google like accessibility
  • Google likes outbound hyperlink
  • Google isn’t psychic
  • Google wants it to tell it where you are
  • Google like experts

» word count

here is the data from a survey conducted by serpIQ has revealed that the articles with more than

2000 words,ranks well in Google search results, as compared to short notes.

How many word should you have in your blog post?

Some blogs have a set parameter for optimal length and put a value whether a article is short or


Corey eridson has an interesting perspective on word count and suggests

that focusing on word count might not be as important as you think it is.

It depends on each topic and vocabulary of the writer, “some issues takes 1000 words to explain, and

some take 3000 words.

Corey suggests that writers focus instead of whether posts are optimized for mobile, use

effective formatting, communicate in a precise manner and that’s what outlines the point.


Few days back, my friend has written a comprehensive guide to around 7300+ words on his blog.(power of words)


#what is youtility

youtility( a new and eye catchy word for me )

It is a book written by Jay Baer of convince & convert

yes, I know what you are thinking (why I include a book in the article)

Let me tell you it’s just not a book. It is a culture shift.

Why smart marketing is about help, not hype?

Here is few takeaway from the book:

  • The purpose of Jay behind this book is to set a new culture where most companies arebusy in grabbing the attention of the customers by showing them a price tag or discount(but cheapclothes), youtility is about helping clients make better decisions and benefiting from them in thelong run.
  • Search marketing is fulfilling demands not creating it (best point)
  • how social media blurring lines between our personal and corporate companies
  • stop trying to be amazing and start being useful
  • If we think that it doesn’t, matter to our industry than we are wrong.

That’s it ………

Employees are often most overlooked asset on social media.

#some good sites which provide “quality content”

 The oatmeal

the oatmeal is a website featuring funny comics.

Humor is easily shared, and you will find some excellent sites that attract thousands of tweets and


One of the oatmeal’s most popular posts is ten words you

need to stop misspelling.

Why is it so popular?

People get frustrated when someone is not spelling correctly. No, only that

No, only that the part is funny, quick read, original and entertaining.

  what makes it great

  • the site is fast
  • it’s insanely funny and original
  • Tons of content keeps you scrolling for hours


Three-month-old post on BuzzFeed gets 2,000,000 likes,53,000 shares on Twitter and has been shared

21,000 times via e-mails.

Now, this post has over 16,212,428  views

What ???

Yes, they are real statics. The famous article contains not more than 500 words.

That is the best creativity I have ever seen done with the help of images only.

Post: 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity

what makes it great

  • it is easy to read
  • BuzzFeed is that site which is updated frequently
  • it is an evergreen site

    Harvard business review blog

This blog is for those persons who are interested to read about leadership or entrepreneurship.

They feature some great writers and guest writers including some CEOs and business school


Harvard business blog is having an excellent collection of useful books and videos, and they update

their library on a regular basis.they also produce inspiring webinars.

What makes it good

  • update every weekday with new articles
  • great advice for anyone interested in entrepreneurship
  • a variety of articles
  • actionable and original content



One of my favorite blogs is quick sprout. It looks after content related problems and solve those

issues with infographics, analysis, and personal experience.

There are plenty of guides, and the blog is updated every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

What makes it good

  • the quality of content
  • good research
  • actionable guides
  • infographics( best)


#over to you

let me tell you a secret about this post…… takes me five revision,5drafts and almost four

days for this post.

Let me know what you all think about my work(research) done in this article?

Your comment will boost my confidence to do more research for my next post.

So, please comment.

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