Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips | Grab Content

Are you serious about kicking your social media marketing up a notch?

Do you want tips that will help you stay ahead of the social media marketing curve?

Here’s some great advice from ten social media pros

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips | Grab Content

1. Tap Collective Social power

Smart companies realize that social media is about people, not logos. Collectively, your employees have far more social connections than your company is ever likely to accrue.

So the path to broadening your organization’s reach and engagement in social media should start inside your own walls by surveying your team to determine where and how they are already active in social media.

2. The Game Of List

The energy of your business is directly tied to your email list.

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful lead generating platforms for small businesses today. Specifically, page post ads that drive traffic to a free, valuable giveaway (such as a free training video, ebook or cheat sheet) are extremely effective. These ads are inexpensive, highly targeted and can be completely automated.

3. Scale Your Social Service

Identify, recognize and enable your most actively contributing fans and advocates to help address long-tail content creation and answer other customers’ questions. This is one of the best ways to scale social customer service efforts

4. Be Smart In Real Time

A beginner’s mindset goes an incredibly long way in vibrantly bringing an audience somewhere they otherwise wouldn’t go. Check your assumptions at the door for what’s interesting; let your five senses guide you.

5. Selling With LinkedIn

LinkedIn, more than any other platform, is most effective when your entire company is behind your efforts.

Don’t just stop at marketing your company page—get your salespeople involved with using LinkedIn for social selling. Ask your employees to participate in an employee advocacy program.

Don’t forget the targeted status update opportunities you have for paid social on LinkedIn too!

6. See What’s Actionable

Social media delivers more value than just ROI. How do you define the value of a relationship? Social media also helps drive leads and revenue, buzz and awareness; it reduces call center volume; supports recruiting; and can foster research and development innovation.

7. Organic – Good But Paid – Better

We all want to believe that organic posts on social networks are all we need to spark engagement. But your promotional strategy must include paid placements as well.

Relying only on organic strategies to drive results is analogous to hanging out with the same high school group your entire life.

To grow, you have to expand beyond your immediately familiar community and break through to those coveted second-degree connections

8. Top 5 Customer Things

In every industry (it doesn’t matter what you sell), there are five subjects that move the needle, because they are the ones consumers are most concerned with. They are:

  • Cost/price questions
  • Problems/issues questions
  • Versus/comparison questions
  • Review-based questions
  • Best-of questions

9. Be helpful

By pinning content from your blog, digital assets from your website (like guides and white papers) and quality information from across the web, you can use Pinterest to establish you and your brand as the go-to resource in your industry.

10. Select Your Own Mission

This should be very simple—something compelling your parents could repeat at a dinner party if they were sitting next to a good prospect for you.


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