Website Auditor and Rank Tracker


  • Keyword Research Tool: Its keyword research tool is very similar to that in other SEO tools. Its keyword research tool lets you to check out the popularity of keywords on different search engines and locations. You can easily find the volume of searches on every keyword you enter.
  • Magnet Tool: It is one of the superb additions by Topvisor to its Keyword tool. Magnet tool finds the list of keywords and the links that are getting traffic from them through Google Analytics. You only need to link up your Google Analytics account with Topvisor.

Once enough keyword research has been done, it’s the time to check out the rankings for the keywords which works for you. Now, you can utilize the next feature of Topvisor.

Rank Tracker

The competition is increasing daily. It has become really difficult to survive in the internet market. Even the big leaders are failing. So, keeping an eye over your keywords will definitely help you out in this. All you have to do is monitor the position of web pages for various keywords on the search engines. The much closer you are to the top spot (first position), the more are the chances to get traffic.

Topvisor Rank Tracker checks the location of your web pages for various keywords. Each and every movement is tracked and reported to you. It is a good way to keep an eye over your competitors’ keyword and your own keywords too.

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Website Auditor

This tool provided by Topvisor generates the health report for your website. It suggests you the issues on different areas of the website and also proposes their solutions. Once the warnings and issues are fixed, your site’s SEO can get a boost. You can eliminate the need of paying extra money to the SEO agents for creating reports for your website.

Site auditing should not be done daily. It should be a monthly affair. Topvisor saves a lot of your money on site auditing.

Pricing & Plans

Topvisor offers the most flexible plans in the industry. You can choose to add money to your account and utilize it when required. Also, before going for its services, you can try its free trial pack and analyze the tool properly. It has 5 different plans to offer to the clients. The higher plan you choose, the more money you save. Here is the pricing structure for plans by Topvisor.

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